After a heavier-than-usual shock, my visual field was filled by drab red, then it cleared up. The world seems rather normal this time. The sky was blue, the air smelled not so bad as unbreatheable, the grass was green. The faces of the people looking down on me were not so monstrous. Although they had only two eyes, they had ears, a nose, and a mouth with lips and a tongue, even teeth.

Soon I learned to walk by myself, and began to going town to look for the door. Because my third eye that should be on my forehead is kept covered, I can't guess in which world -- they say there are three thousand of them -- am I now. Since I can't recognize the omnipresent doors to other worlds, I must try them one by one.

I have lost contact with the master who had sent me to this stratified world. Did he leave it out of account that my third eye would be covered after long time? In old times, the directions from the master, my position in the stratified world, the map of the doors to other wolds -- they all used to be projected on the third eye.

It's no use complaining. I have no other way to keep looking for the doors, today, tomorrow, on and on. Untill someday when the door will open by chance, then I'll escape from this world with a shock.

by Taku Nakajo
Jan 6, 1998

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