from "Gravitational Wave Detector"

from "The Invisible Time Bird"

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 a beast named hippocampus
gets excited --
in an early evening of spring
kaiba chou
kemono sawagu ya
haru no yoi

upon a gravitational wave detector
sheds a torrent of rain!
kensyutu-souchi ni
syu-u kana

I wonder
if there is a maximum prime number...
the Milky Way

saidai no
sosu wa ari ya

under winter Galaxy
the Great Wall of China
has slightly moved____

banri no chojo
ugoki keri

                         (from "Gravitational Wave Detector" by YURI)
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footprints on the moon
became barely visible...
rain of shooting stars

ashi-ato wa
kasuka ni narinu

signals were received,
but could not be deciphered...
a star of famine

singou wa
kaidoku funou

Let's make a bonfire.
toward the final heat death,
we are all shifting.

takibi shite
neturyou-shi eto
mukau nari

someone is calling
you know that is your true name...
in the summer darkness

shin no na o
yobawaru koe ya
natsu no yami

gulping down the space,
lending itself transparent...
time bird

sora o nomi
sukitori keri

time machine is gone
forever and never returns...
I bought a diary

jikoki wa

the year's end...
in myself
these unborn eggs

saiban ya
watashi no naka no
misyo no tamago

an arms factory
the shadow of an ancient dragonfly
has passed through

mukashitonbo no

                                (from "The Invisible Time Bird" by YURI)
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trapped in vituality
of micromachine
dying in my own intestine

a point on a scale
can represent a string of letters
like this one

from unborn embryo
a hunter was made
to hunt illegal repros

fighting at home
found dead at his desk
shot by a virtual bullet

Who am I?
shouted the machine
in a voice man can't hear

convincing himself
he became invisible
-- by telepathy

in virtual clinic
I met a beautiful apple
with fatal wormhole
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finished writing
at the end of the world,
a sudden rain

Here comes god of dusk!
ever growing ball of black
eats stars without break

restless night of spring
hippocampus keeps mumbling
"You have lost something"

super strings
begin to vibrate...
spring sky

Jovian spring
dragons shed scales of petal
a floating world...

teleported books
appeared but were ignored
by phocomeliac mankind

seal-limbed man
books decayed

to sunspots
spring scales keep fallin'
after The Impact
surfboard on hilltop
grave-post without epitaph

last moving particle___
  then time froze

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