Welcome to JALI net.

JALInet is a network that, through the voluntary contributions of five famou s authors: Yasutaka Tsutsui, Kyoji Kobayashi, Akira Hori, Yuji Usui, and Aki Sato, seeks to express Japanese literature to the world.
More than a network, JALInet is just a place where members act freely, there are no plans to dictate what directions it will take. Similarly, we want to in vite authors of all genres and writing styles; and offer links to the authors' home pages who aren't participating in JALInet.
Feel free to drop by any time.

[PICTIRE] Tsutsui Yasutaka [PICTIRE] Kobayashi Kyoji

[PICTIRE] Hori Akira [PICTIRE] Usui Yuji