The Dream Censor - page 1

The dream censor arrived at the dream court half past eleven that night, a bit tipsy and feeling good. "I wish you had come a little earlier, Sir," his middle-aged secretary, also with rather drunk eyes, grumbled, turning round on his seat. "The woman's beginning to dream. People from the preconscious and unconscious are queuing up at the entrance." "Well, well." The barrel-chested censor plopped down in his seat. "She has now accustomed herself to a bottle of cooking wine before going to bed. That's why I'm late."
"Yes, she sure is a kitchen drinker now... That affects me, too." The secretary forced a bitter smile, following it with a sad nod. "Well, I suppose we can't blame it on her. She's just lost her only son. No wonder she can't sleep without it. " "We must be careful...We must not let alcohol influence our dream censorship. Under such circumstances suppression often loosens, likely to lead to an immoral dream or even awakening. Well. Shall we commence? " The censor declared, bellowing. "The dream court is now open. Bring in the first interest. " "All right. You. This way. "
Prompted by a sergeant, the first to come into the court was a schoolhouse with a clock tower three stories high of reinforced concrete.
"Isn't this huge! " the censor looked up at the building. "And what does this have to do with court? "
"Ummm. " The secretary referred to a large catalogue, fully illustrated and in complete order, of total occurrences in the women's intricate preconscious and unconscious. "This seems to be the junior high her son used to attend. "
"Ugh, " the censor grunted. "Clearly this connects to the memories of her dead son. Wonder if she could dream of anything else. These are just flooding her recent dreams.
"I should say that such reminiscence is all she has for now. " The secretary, himself a little upset, spoke in her favor. "It's only two months since she lost her child... It's natural that all the people and things showing up at the court relate to her late son. "
"That's certainly true, but what happens if these objects appear in her dream unprocessed? No doubt she would wake up pretty much shocked. She would then have difficulty going back to sleep, weeping all through the night. " The censor straightened his back and announced. "We should definitely deform this image. That's the easiest way to avoid troubles.