The Dream Censor - page 2

Gassho house
Gassho house.
photo by (c)2006 Y.Itakura.

We must transform this school into an utterly different structure before appearing in her dream. "
"Understood, Sir... Of course the alternative building has to be chosen from the ones she already knows, " the secretary asserted, diligently searching through the pages of the catalogue. "I suggest we use this Gassho-style traditional house. Since it relates to her childhood memory, it should make her feel relaxed, gently carrying on with her sleep. " He switched on a microphone located on his desk and yelled. "Transformer! To the court, please! Construction work awaiting! "
Nearly a hundred workmen from the Ego Section, Preconscious Actualization Department, immediately appeared and began converting the junior high into a Gassho house.
Good. Call in the next one while they are working on it. " The censor glanced at his watch. "We better hurry or she'll fall into a total sleep. "
Her respiration, heard through a monitor on the ceiling, was gradually deepening.
"Next person enter. "
The sergeant led to the court a young man with a malicious visage.
Slightly lurching on his chair, the censor commented. "What an awful face! Who is this man? "
"He was in charge of her son's class, " the secretary explained. She believes the bullying escalated because the teacher was indifferent... the very cause of her son's death. Well, the actual appearance of this man is not as evil as this. It's almost entirely based on her biases.
"That may be true... But doesn't this man's countenance directly connect to her son's memories? If so, it's out of the question. I cannot allow this man to pass without modification. Replace him with somebody else. " The censor turned to his secretary . "Is there any decent substitute? A man whom we can associate with this teacher, but has insignificant relationships. Of course, in the dream, the substitute shouldユt remind her of the original. "
"Well. Sir... In that case, she has an uncle named Daizo Shima. " The secretary once again quickly examined the catalogue. "Since the teacher's name is Daizo Kosugi, only their first names match. No other resemblance found... Oh, yes, one thing. She also disliked this uncle. That means the two men share her distaste as well, but it's likely she wouldn't be able to associate them.