The Dream Censor - page 3

I believe he'd be the most adequate person for the replacement. "
"Well done. Disguise this man immediately as her uncle! " the censor commanded.
"Call the makeup ladies! "
"Oh, no! Please wait! " the secretary cut in. "We don't have time for the makeup. When it comes to aging, we need an enormous amount of time. Here I'd like to ask for your permission to summon the real uncle to perform in the dream...
Ha, you can go back now. " Addressing the young teacher, the secretary turned on the microphone again. "Uncle Daizo Shima of Unconscious Level Six, please report to the dream court immediately. "
On the secretary's desk, an intercom buzzed. It was from the Cerebrum Central Headquarters. "Dream court? We would like to inform you that she will start dreaming in approximately thirteen seconds. Please hasten your procedure. "
"Oh my. " gasped the secretary, a little panicked. "We haven't finished the remodeling yet. "
"Just don't worry. Halfway done is fine. Let it appear as is. " asserted the censor.
"Yes, Sir. Go now! " screamed the secretary to the building.
A perplexing building, half junior high, half traditional Gassho, headed for the conscious level. There was a gigantic portal located adjacent to the court, and beyond that the dream stage.
"It went out with a clock tower sticking out of its roof, a blackboard sitting in the middle of its parlor... The most ridiculous Gassho style I've ever seen."
The secretary anxiously whispered and the censor grunted. Just then, a wobbling, bewildered uncle Daizo Shima, who had always been staying at the lower levels of unconsciousness and had seldom received citation entered the court. The bald elderly man wore a kimono and pair of geta, the traditional Japanese wooden clog.
Given a brief backgrounding from the secretary, he nodded. "Ye". So I just go out and stand there. Ye". No problem. "
The old man wobbled into the conscious Level, opening the stage door.
"She has begun to dream, " a voice from the speaker echoed throughout the court.
"Now! The dream act is on! Bring in the next! " growled the fervent censor.