The Dream Censor - page 4

"Next, come in! "The sergeant yelled.
Some boys were summoned into the court, one after another. They must have been junior high school age.
"So many! Who are they? "
"They are her son's classmates, Sir. The primary cause of her son's death is their bullying. "
"Not again! "The censor shoved his head. "The most important role of a dream is to let the dreamer continue her sound sleep. Imagine you appearing in her dream. She will surely grow furious and wake at once. "
"It's not our fault, " the students looked at each other. "The people at the Drive Section just called us, you know. "
"We cannot afford to handle so many kids, whether by transformation or substitution. " The censor gave a request to his secretary. "Fortunately they all look alike... perhaps she couldn't remember each one's face. Can you think of a good technique to put them into a symbol, employing something like compression or collection? A single face that would imply the whole group's? "
"When the school invited parents to visit the classes, " replied the secretary, going through catalogue, "she saw the students cropped heads from the back of the classroom and felt like she was viewing a stand of black corn. "
"Excellent! Now you kids stick together and make a stand of corn! " The censor commanded. "Black corn! She never realized it was made of you boys. "
"What!? Black corn? What a stinky thing! "
Still complaining, the students joined together and imitated a stand of black corn as their cropped heads formed rows of ears. The corn rolled on the floor, through the stage door, to take part in the dream.
"May I call in the next dream object? " asked the secretary .
"OH, wait ,wait. Let us see what kind of dream she is dreaming now. " The censor switched on a monitor set on his desk and peered into it.
On the screen, in a ridiculous Gassho house with a clock tower sticking out of its roof, in an insane room with a blackboard covered with mathematical formulae, uncle Daizo Shima was devouring an ear of rotten corn.
"Hee-hee-hee-hee! Perfect! Guess what that is! " Satisfied, the censor gave permission to his secretary. "All right, now next. "
As soon as the sergeant opened the door, Affection came into the court full of fragrance. Affection instantly permeated the court.