How to Sleep - page 4

After slipping your legs up to the head of the bed, you lift the edge of the blanket that is by your toes and insert your legs gently beneath the blanket, toes first. Not until the ankles are in, the shins mostly in, and the upper half of your body achieves some stablity you should insert your hands beneath the blanket. These motions must be carried out with extreme gentility and care, especially in the case of the hands. They should not be inserted simply: it is essential to check the surface of the sheet with your palms. Also for the legs, it is desirable to stretch them slowly,feeling as broadly as possible the surroundings with your toes. Due to the fact that the bed is a piece of furniture left unused in the daytime, all sorts of dangerous things can stray into it, jump in it, or grow under the blanket or over the sheet, and the human body just going to sleep may get injured by these things on the odd occasion.
First of all, the most dangerous and common objects are needles, thumbtacks, pins, safety pins, nails, and so on. You must pay great care with these metallic products, which tend to stray into the bed on the very day when you clean, rearrange, or change the wallpaper of the room, since, in contrast to other things, they have pointed parts with an apparent intention to injure the human body and, what is worse, are small. Of these, needles have an evil tendency to break at the point after becoming stuck deeply in the human body and require most attention. Other things are also troublesome if they are rusted, the treatment of the wound requiring a longer period.
Other things which have sharp parts with an intention to injure the human body include arthropods such as bees, gnats, centipedes, scorpions, or reptiles such as rattlesnakes. However, since these creatures sometimes invade after you sleep, it is almost impossible to completely prevent their invasion.
In case of a home with children, the toys left after playing in the daytime have formidable dangerousness and destructivity. Even just one piece of block or toy can produce not a negligible effect if it strikes the vertebral bone directly. Among toys, you should pay special attention to: solid objects that have acute angles such as a trigonal block, a toy gun loaded with BBs, a battery-powered power shovel, etc. In a house where there are children who are interested in handicrafts such as plastic models, you must pay attention to various tools: a gimlet, scissors, a cutter, a power drill, and so on. Although essentially harmless to a human body, there are some things veryunsanitary if they are crushed by a human body. Mice breeding baby mice, cats breeding kittens, dogs kept in-house breeding puppies are examples. In addition, when you are keeping squirrels, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits or something in-house, you need special care. Sometimes they creep into your bed not for breeding but only to warm themselves. If you happen to crush these animals, they may bite you to avoid being killed, even if you are their keeper.
For extremely rare examples of objects found in a bed, one can list an alligator, a lion, a corpse of a human baby, a lower half of a woman's body, a head of a horse, a stick of dynamite or a time bomb. But these should be kept in mind only for reference.