Polar King - page 1

This is the assignment essay for the summer vacation.
The assignment was to write an essay titled "A Summer Vacation Trip".
I heard that Kano had been to Hawaii with his mother.
Farther than that, Fujimori's family took her to Canada, which is much farther than Hawaii.
But I had no one to take me to a trip because I have neither Father nor Mother.
My Father and Mother died in a traffic accident when I was four years old. Ever since then, I have been living with Grandmother.
Everybody is going to make fun of me since I have not travelled anywhere so I cannot write the assignment essay.
Yet, to tell the truth, I've had a trip.
I went there alone.
This is true.
The place I've been is much much farther than Hawaii or even Canada.
It is the North Pole.
I'm not lying, not at all.
The reason I could go to such a far place by myself is because I had a letter of invitation from Polar King.
The letter went like this:

Dear Kazuhiro Uno,
How are you doing?
How is your grandmother?
Prices and taxes have gone up too high these days, haven't they?
I suppose, Kazuhiro, you will not go out anywhere during the summer vacation.
But that will give you trouble when the time comes to write the summer assignment essay.
So I invite you to the North Pole.