Polar King - page 2

The North Pole is a wonderful place.
I would be glad if you'd come.

Don't worry about the train fare. Use the ticket I enclosed.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.
Sincerely,Polar King

I showed the letter to Grandmother right away.
She was very pleased and the next day she got up early in the morning to prepare a lunch box for me.
"Take extra underwear with you as the North Pole is a cold place," said Grandmother, putting my underwear and the lunch box into my bag.
She also gave me a thousand yen.
In the morning, Friday, August sixteenth, I set out for the North Pole with my bag.
Leaving home but going in the opposite direction from school, I turned the corner of Tomoe-Ya Candy Store, and went through Hachiman-Mae Mall, passing Sakura Beauty Parlor, then came out in front of Takasu-Hachiman Station.
I presented my ticket from Polar King to the ticket taker.
He was surprised at the ticket and said, "Well, well. You'll go all the way to the North Pole all by yourself? Good boy!"
A train bound for Hagite-Ochiai came along after I'd been waiting on the platform for a while.
There were many people in the train and every one of them gave me a pat on the back when they heard I was visiting the North Pole alone.
Passing the railroad bridge across Kamito River and making stops at stations such as Higashi-Tugumo-Cho and Hachiken-Sakagami, the train arrived at Hagite-Ochiai.
I had to change there. I asked a railroad officer at the station which train I should transfer to.
There were many people on that train too, but I could find a seat.
The train rushed, rushed and rushed through rice fields, farms and villages, through forests and woods, through big towns and beaches, through mountains and meadows, through railroad bridges and tunnels, and through countless numbers of them.
The train seemed going northward and northward.
At the northern end of Japan is Hokkaido.
I arrived at Hokkaido by train.