Polar King - page 4

I asked a Chinese noodle vendor in front of the Arctic Station for Polar King's house, and he kindly showed me the way.
I walked and walked through the Arctic Mall just as the noodle vendor told me to.
There were numbers of polar bears, penguins and fur seals walking around in the Arctic Mall.
And there stood icebergs, too.
Getting out of the mall and turning to the right at the ward community center, the seventh ready-built house from the corner is Polar King's home.
It was a very neat, new, ready-built house with a garage and everything.
None of its window panes were broken.
When I pushed the front buzzer, Mrs. Polar King appeared.
She came out smiling in her usual white pants.
She was a very nice-looking lady.
"I'm proud that you came here all by yourself. Good boy," said Mrs. Polar King and led me into the house.
In the house was a large dining room, as large as any dining room of my friends' houses.
Polar King was there.
Polar King was a tall, gentle man with glasses, and he was drinking beer and smiling merrily as usual.
Polar King had just come home from his office.
I said hello to him politely and talked to Polar King and his wife about school, Grandmother and various other things.
I also told them my friends made fun of me because I did not have parents.
Polar King got very angry and shouted, "I'll go and butcher all those swine for you!"
We enjoyed talking about other things and the three of us laughed together.
Polar King was so funny and good at telling stories.
Soon, night fell.
Fath Polar King said, "You stay tonight."
Mrs. Polar King prepared dinner for us.
The main dish of the dinner was meat.
And hamburger steak.
And fried chicken.
And curry and rice.
And then, omelette and rice, and fried prawns, and caramel pudding, and ice cream.