Polar King - page 5

And there were many many other good things, so I ate more.
Everything was delicious.
Then we talked again.
Soon, I got sleepy.
Mrs. Polar King spread two sets of futon in the back room.
Polar King wore red pajamas and lay on the inside set of futon, and I lay on the other set, as I used to, with Moth Mrs. Polar King.
Mrs. Polar King, in her white negligee, smelled so sweet and nice.
She smelled so dear to me that I cried a little.
Red, blue, yellow and green lights were flickeringly reflected in the window.
They looked like the supermarket's neon sign in the back of my house.
When I told her so, Mrs. Polar King replied, "They are Arctic auroras, boy."
It was the first time I'd ever seen Arctic auroras.
The wind blew and stormed outside, but I was not scared at all because I was sleeping between Polar King and his wife who hugged me.
I slept soundly.
Next day, when I woke up, Polar King and his wife were not there.
Flustered, I hurried to the dining room and found Polar King eating breakfast.
I, too, had a toast, beacon, a fried egg, salad, milk, coffee and some fruits for breakfast with him.
Mrs. Polar King had got up early in the morning to prepare a lunch box for me.
Polar King said, "Which souvenir do you want for your grandmother?"
I said, "The Arctic ice, please."
"You may have as much as you like," said Mrs. Polar King taking lots of ice out of the refrigerator, and she put them into my bag with the lunch box.
"Won't they melt before I get home?" asked I, then Polar King laughed and said, "The Arctic ice will never melt."
Polar King and his wife saw me off when I left their home.
Just as Polar King had told me, the ice did not melt before I arrived home.
This is all true story.