The Rumors About Me - Chapter 2 - page 1

"There was nothing especially unusual about the atmosphere at work. Except that when I entered the room, seven or eight of my co-workers were huddled together. They gave me sidelong glances as they whispered back and forth together. They're bad-mouthing me,I thought. After taking care of the two or three vouchers on my desk,I went to the typists' little room. The moment they saw me, the girls put on poker faces and began pounding furiously at the keys. They'd obviously been ignoring their work and gossiping about me until that very moment. I didn't give Akiko Mikawa a glance, and instead called Hiruma Sakamoto out into the corridor.
"Did somebody ask about me yesterday?"
She looked like she was about to cry. Apperently nervous she falteringly answered.
"I'm sorry. I didn't know those people were newspaper reporters. I never imagined an article like that would show up in the newspapers."
"Those people. What kind of guys were they?"
"There were four or five men. Of couse, I didn't know any of them. They surrounded me on my way home and asked me all kinds of things about you."
I pondered this. The plot was a far bigger affair than even I had imagined.
A little after noon I was called over by my section chief. After giving me some new work to do, he lowered his voice.
"I saw this morning's newspaper."
"Yes, Sir." I didn't know what so say.
My section chief grinned slyly and leaned close to me.
"Well, after all, the media are irresponsible, so I wouldn't let it get to you. I don't think anything of it myself."
This is what he said, but it was clear to me that he was actually eager to know what was going on.
I left the office to take care of the work he had given me, and flagged down a taxicab. The young drived had the car radio volume turned up full.
"Take me to Ginza 2-Chome."
"Eh? What'dja say?"
"Ginza 2-Chome."
"Ginza what chome?"
"2-Chome! 2-Chome!"
He finally noded, and off we went.