The Rumors About Me - Chapter 3 - page 3

"Wait a minute," I shouted hurriedly. "I was in too much of a hurry to make myself clear. No, in fact, even while I was talking I wwas thinking to myself it was no good. but I'm not a very good talker and I couldn't organize my explanation any better. The fact is, what I said just now isn't a delusion; it's all true. Yet I'm just an average white-collar worker. I'm not famous enough for the mass media to gossip about me. No matter how I look at it, a mass media that goes around shadowing, inverstigating and reporting anyone as ordinary as I am must be a little crazy. I came here to ask for your advice on how to cops with this situation. You've written books about the sick tendencies in society and the abnormality of the mass mwdia. I know you've even talked about it on television --- that's exactly why I came to your hospital. To learn how to adjust to an abnormal environment without losing my own sanity."
The doctor shook his head and picked up the telephone.
"What you just said only proves how very sick you are," he said.
The movement of the doctor's hand as he dialed the phone stopped dead. His eyes were nailed to the screen of the tabletop television. It was showing a head and shoulders picture of me. His eyes bulged.
"And now for the latest news about Mr.Morishita," the announcer was saying. "After leaving the office of a client company in Ginza 2-Chome, Kasuyama Electric Industry Ltd. employee, Mr.Tsutomu Morishita, again flagged down a taxi and headed toward Shinjuku to return to his office. However, he appears to have had a sudden change of heart, and has descended his taxi. He has now entered the Takehara Hospital, a psychi-atric-neuropathic clinic in Yotsuya ---."
A picture of the front entrance of the hospital appeared on the screen.
"It is still not known why Mr.Morishita dropped by Takehara Hospital."
The doctor looked longingly at my face through moist eyes. His mouth was half open, and his tongue waggled.
"So, you're a famous man."
"No, I'm not." I pointed at the television."Didn't he say so just now? I'm a company employee. I'm an average guy. Yet despite that, all my actions are being observed and broadcast to the entire nation. If this isn't abnormal, then what is it?"
"A few moments ago you asked me to teach you how to cope with an abnormal environment without losing your sanity," said the doctor as he slowly got to this feet and went over to a glass cabinet lined with medicine. "The question is contradictoly. An environment is created by all the people living within it. You yourself are one of the people creating that abnormal environment. Consequently, if your environment is abnormal, it means that you, too, are abnormal."
The doctor took a pile of white tablets from a brown glass bottle labeled "Sedatives." He went on talking as he gobbled them down.