The Rumors About Me - Chapter 4 - page 2

They were holding a soecial panel discussion.
"In that case, and I think this is an wxtremely difficult question, should developments continue at this pace, how long do you think it will be before Mr.Morishita takes Miss Mikawa to a hotel? Or is that kind of situation not likely to occur? Mr.Okawa, what do you think?"
"This girl Akiko is like a shy filly, " said the horse racing commentator. "I think the answer to that hangs on Mr.Morishita's persistence and prompting."
"According to my predictions," said a woman fortune-teller,looking at her card,"I think it will happen around the end of the month."
Who the devil's going to go to a hotel for you people,I thought. If I tried anything like that, our voices would be recorded, our positions photographed, and everything broadcast throughout the nation. Our shame would be known the world over.
And that was how things continued for two or three days ---.

That morning, while commuting to work in a packed train, I glanced up at one of the hanging poster for a women's weekly magazine. I then let out a sharp cry of alarm.

Reported: Mr.Tsutomu Morishita (28,
Average Office Worker) Dated Miss Akiko
Mikawa(23,Typist) In A Coffee Shop!!

It was printed in the biggest Gothic type under a blow-up of my face. Next to it, in small letters:

That Night, Mr.Morishita Masturbated Twice!

I tore my hair, ground my teeth, and screamed.
"It's a violation of my rights! I'll sue! What's it to you if a guy jerks off two times, or three!"
The moment I arrived at work, I planted myself in front of my section chief's desk, and shoved a copy of the woman's magazine that I'd bought at the station toward him.
"I request permission to leave the office on private business. You know of this, don't you? This article? I'm going to have it out with the publishing company that puts out this magazine!"