When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 1 - page 1

"Wandering, always wandering, I end up
in Siberia to the north, in Java to the south"

Kinjiro woke up to this high-pitched female voice singing out of tune. It was not what one might call a pleasant awakening. It seemed as if he had been dreaming a long dream. He couldn't recall what kind of dream it was.

"Yesterday I was in the east, today in the west.
When will my wandering end?"

The woman was still singing. An idiotic kind of singing with a nasal voice.
Kinjiro looked around and found himself lying in a nine mat room. It was dark because there was only one window. There was nobody else.
He heard a miaowing at the foot end of the quilt. There were four cats there. One more crawled out of the quilt. And yet another one was crouching as Kinjiro took off the quilt.
Hung on the wall were a complete set of a general's formal uniforms, a feather hat worn on ceremonious occasions, two bowler hats, and one made of silk . Seven Japanese flags made of paper and two sabers were leaning against one of the walls. A sumo umpire's fan sat on a board right next to the door. Two more cats came out from under the board. Miscellaneous household utensils and furniture were placed in abundance in all the four corners.
Where am I?, thought Kinjiro, and then he mumbled the same thought aloud: "Where am I?"
His voice was hoarse.
He remembered himself haranguing at the top of his voice. But no matter how loud you talk in dreams, your voice can never get hoarse.
What kind of voice is this? It's almost like the voice of an old man.Thinking these thoughts, he looked at the back of his hands.