When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 1 - page 3

"This means at least eleven years." He looked up dumbfounded. "If another era is sandwitched in between, there's more."
Again he looked at the back of his hands. Then he looked around,
searching for a mirror. But there was no mirror in the room.
Again he stared fixedly at the empty space in front of him. "What have I been doing for over eleven years?" He shook his head slowly. "What have I been doing all these years?"

"Spring is an evening dream in Venice"

The woman was still singing. She was singing somewhere in the building, probably going back and forth in the hallway, because her voice sounded now faint and now close, alternating between the two.
"Where am I'?"
As he mumbled these words to himself, the woman, her song finished, started to laugh wildly. Her laughter echoed through the building.
"Some laughter! It's sheer mad..." He broke off, looking stunned, eyes wide.
"Now, my little princess, let's wash your face," said the middle-aged woman in a miaowing voice. "And then rinse your mouth, too."
He stood up screaming.
With his eyes wide open he looked toward the paper flags.
He scuttled towards them staggeringly and supported himself against the wall on his hands. He realized he could no longer control his body.
After carefully examining the seven Japanese flags, he looked at the opposite wall. Then he stumbled toward the general's uniforms, and taking hold of the lace and ribbons, studied them. The decorations were made of tin. He tried to run back toward the saber.
"Screech!" He tripped over a cat and fell on the quilt. Then he quickly jumped back on his feet, darted toward the saber, and pulled the blade half way out: it was made of tin.