When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 2 - page 1

"Are you saying that the Shogun came back to normal?" asked the chief-of-staff, fat like a businessman, sticking his head to the room. He looked around, frowning at the disorder.
"Well, perfectly normal, I would say," said Shimada, a doctor, with serious wrinkles between his brows. He sat on the floor face to face with Kinjiro. "He remembers everything that happened before his breakdown. Also he seems to be recalling more and more about what happened while he was ill, although gradually. For example he knew my name."
"But he didn't seem to know mine," said Kanasugi, the nurse, behind him, staring at Kinjiro through her glasses with a nasty look.
Kinjiro slowly looked back at the chief-of-staff and bowed. "I suppose you are the chief-of-staff. Even though I wasn't in my right mind, I knew I owed you a great deal for your kindness. Please do come in."
"Hmmm" Looking suspiciously at Kinjiro, the chief-of-staff entered the room and sat down on the tatami mat.
"Complete recovery? Is such a thing possible?" The chief-of-staff asked Shimada, rudely scrutinizing Kinjiro. "Can a patient suffering from mental illness for almost fifty years recover completely'?"
"Indeed it is possible," Shimada said nonchalantly. "His major symptom was megalomania. Now it turned out to be clear that it was the manic state of what Krepelin recently identified as manic-depressive psychosis. Krepelin regarded mania and depression as the two sides of one single disorder. He reasoned that these two states alternate at regular intervals in one patient. In applying his theory to this patient, I can say that he is now in a transitional period from mania to depression, an interim of sanity.
"What... what is that?" Kinjiro slid on his knees toward Shimada. "What kind of disease is megalomania? What kind of madman was I?"
"Do you want to know?" The doctor gave him a sly look.
"No!" cried the chief-of-staff. "Don't tell him about his symptoms."