When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 2 - page 3

"Yes." The doctor nodded.
"What kind of things did I do?" asked Kinjiro, trembling. "What kind of bizarre things?"
"I'll tell you." The doctor smirked. Suddenly for some reason, his eyes started to shine. "A rickshaw driver named Shokichi was waiting for his customer at Shinsakashita in Uenosakuragi-cho. And there you showed up and asked him the way to Shinsakashita. Shokichi said laughing, 'You fool, you are in Shinsakashita. ' And you cried back, 'How dare you call me a fool? What's so funny? Is that how to give directions to a stranger?' And you punched him. He punched you back. The two of you started a fight. And all of a sudden you declared solemnly in a stentorian voice, 'Who do you think I am? I am Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Shogun Ashihara, descended nine generations from the Emperor Kammu. How dare a mere lout like you fight back. You maggot. I'll destroy you with my gaze.' So crying you glowered at the man. A man named Otokichi Nakazawa intervened and you bit his stomach. Finally you were arrested by the police."
Kinjiro again held his head in his hands and asked, groaning, "And then I was brought to the hospital, right?"
"Not yet," answered the doctor with a grin. "This time you were let free in your brother Ezo 's custody and the case was settled by your payment of 30 sen for the medical bill. But several days later you showed up at a telephone relay station in Senju."
"What did I do?" asked Kinjiro in a faint voice, making himself small.
"You started to shout. You said, 'I am Fujiwara no Moromi, appointed by the Emperor to be the Grand Minister of the Left of the Fox Deity Temple decorated with the First Order of Merit and Senior First Rank. Today, urgent business requires that I phone Li Hung-Chang in China...' You said all this, rolling your eyes."
"And they sent me to the hospital?" said Kinjiro twisting in agony.
"Not yet. Not yet," said the doctor sneering at him, his lips like a half moon. He rocked his body as if about to jump. "You repeatedly stormed into each ministry, every one of them. One day you broke into the Imperial Palace, of all places, and demanded military funds claiming that you were Ashihara Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, ordained by the Emperor to conquer Korea. On another occasion you trespassed on the Central Meteorological Observatory climbing the fense in broad daylight; I guess you like high places. The list goes on. I could go on forever. Ha, hahahaha, hahaha, haha, ha." The doctor stood up and began hopping back and forth. He continued, eyes bulging, "All these incidents were reported in the newspapers. You became a hero all over Tokyo, or rather, all over Japan. Ahahahahahahaha."
"I made it into the newspapers?" Kinjiro moaned again. "Shame on me! And they still didn't send me to a hospital?"
"Exactly. You were finally sent to a hospital because you caused a certain scandal which further enhanced your reputation as a madman. Heehee, heehee, heehee."