When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 3 - page 5

"The Grand Chamberlain and the Four Devas?" Kinjiro asked with a frown on his face. "Are you sure they aren't dangerous madmen?"
"No, not at all. But the Grand Chamberlain is schizophreniac and for that reason he is usually violent toward normal people. But so far he hasn't done any harm to you."
"What!?" Kinjiro rose up. "Then if he sees that I'm normal he's going to attack me?"
"I guess so." The nurse smirked. "But if you cooperate and be nice with us like you used to...
"Alright, then, call them in." So saying halfheartedly, he mumbled to himself, "after all this world doesn't seem to have any room for sanity."
"All right!" She went out joyfully.
"0! Then you are going to do it!" The First Lieutenat yelled, eyes glittering. "So you are going to cooperate. You are going to be friends with us like you used to. Thank you so much. As a representative of the army, or rather the entire body of military personel, I would like to express our deep gratitude." Again he rubbed his forehead against the tatami floor. Here is a little token of gratitude from our group of young officers, we call ourselves the Cherryblossoms Club. Please accept it."
"Oh, thank you." Kinjiro took the envelope which contained money.
"Now, please excuse me; I have to be on my way." The First Lieutenant saluted Kinjiro and went out.
Shaking the three cats off his lap, Kinjiro stood up sluggishly and took off his nightclothes. He walked toward the corner of the room and put on the ceremonial uniform. He felt strangely excited in the formal attire. He put on theceremonial hat, attached the saber to his waist, brought the table to the center of the room, and holding the military leader's fan, jumped on top of the ~table.
"I, Grand Chamberlain Sakanoue Jirota, and four others are here. We request permission to enter."
"Yes, you may come in." Half out of desperation, Kinjiro cried in response. He stuck out his chest.
The Grand Chamberlain and the Four Devas came in. All of them were dressed in tattered clothes. Each wore a rope made of straw as a belt. They lined up in front of the Shogun.
"We are very much honored to be in the presence of Your Excellency and are pleased to see You in good health." Representing the whole group, the Grand Chamberlain paid respects to the Shogun at the top of his voice. "On this auspicious day, your Excellency1 the deceased bride and bridegroom have received a draft call letter. We are all resolute in our resolution for the determination to subject ourselves to Your Excellency's honorable command that we cut our throats and die, so hereby we solemnly pledge our allegence. Otherwise, all the trouble we took in leaving our homes behind would be in vain. One feels nostalgic for home from afar; but do come near and take a close look at us! At this crucial juncture we will all be dispatched to Manchuria like a fireball, Japanese flags around our heads, sashes around our waists, pajamas around the rest, setting Manchuria on fire, wiping out all those Chinks. Has Your Excellency recovered from yesterday's sickness? Are you alright now? If so, fine. We are all happily suffering diarrhea from the terrible eggs we ate this morning. We were concerned about your health and that's why we came. The news of your granting us an audiance should be proudly passed on to the poison snake served at the grilled eels restaurant..."