When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 4 - page 2

In dealing with reporters like these who would look pitifully at him, a madman, he made it a rule to dispel his depressive mood by shouting out loud to surprise them. "You, creep! How much do you think a yen is worth? Mere ten mon of the past. But I know a good way to spend it. I'll tell you if you give me two yen."
These words turned the middle-aged reporter immediately sullen. His self-esteem must have been hurt by being scolded by a madman.
"Well, you've got us in a fix." said the younger of the two. "Because we are starting out from the capital of one yen. Can't you come down a little?"
"No way."
"No, I won't speak for one yen."
Kinjiro knew, however, that he would not haggle any more. The madman, alas, had to let them feel superior by belying his insistence on not yielding.
"Guys like Wakatsuki and Tanaka are trouble makers because they are the kind of people who want to stand out in a crowd even if they don't have money." It was not easy to distort the latest news to such a grotesque degree as this. "Despite my present plight, let me tell you, all the members of the Houses of Peers and Representatives are my disciples. For example, Hamaguchi, who is fifty seven years old, is my grandson."
"How old is Your Excellency?" asked the young reporter.
"Seventy six."
"Then he can't be your grandson." he said sneeringly. Pointing at the five cats on Kinjiro's lap, he asked, "Your Excellency, do you like cats?"
V"Whether you like them or not, you got to keep some in your house if you want to do something big. Cats correspond with each other. For example,
this cat knew about the recent fire before anybody else."
Sensing that Kinjiro was getting worked up, the middle-aged reporter started to flatter him. "Your Excellency looks very much like Kono Hironaka."
"That's right. We could be brothers. Kono is a great guy. The Chichibu Incident of Meiji 17, the Kanamiyama Incident, the Fukushima Highway Incident, and so on... allthese big feats were masterminded by him. You weren't even born yet." Treated like a teenager1 the middle-aged reporter again pouted.
Kinjiro ignored him and continued speaking, "When it comes to embezzling public funds, nobody can beat Tokugawa lesato and the incumbent Foreign Minister Shidehara. Alright, I'll write you an edict." He took a brush and wrote proudly in fluid cursives.
To Your Highness Prince Kujo:
Speaker of the House of Peers Tokugawa and Foreign Minister Shidehara shall be eliminated by the force of the entire Imperial Army.