When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 4 - page 3

Shogun Ashihara
Kinjiro continued. "Appoint Maeda Toshisada as Speaker and Tokugawa Yohachiro as Foreign Minister. Japanese politics today is like England's, very cunning. We've got to learn from France. Explain these matters to Kujo Toshiko. She is easy to deal with. She is still single."
"Your Excellency, she is no longer single."
"Hm, she is married already?" He tilted his head with an incredulous look. "Wakatsuka's degraded himself to the point of consulting Saionji. What an outrage for a politician! He'd better consult me instead. I can guarantee@his cabinet ten years of life. Generally speaking, nowadays ministers are no better than beggars." Jumping from topic to topic was not easy for Kinjiro. "Since the Prince Regent is visiting Hyogo now, political parties should adopt the ancient Great Council system. Those who disobey me shall all be banished to foreign countries. Aoki and Konoe of the Study Group will do hard labor at the Food Division."
"By the way," asked the middle-aged reporter, "what is your view on disarmament?"
"If airplanes get better, we stop producing cannons. As easy as that. As for the situation in Europe, heroic France and womanish England are fighting over Singapore and the rest of the world is wondering which side to support."
Shimada came in. "Oh, you are still interviewing him," he mumbled with a sour look, staring suspiciously at the reporters. "I came to examine the patient, but I think I should come back later."
"Err... please stay. We are just about to finish up." said the reporters. "Mr. Shogun, thank you very much for your interesting ideas."
"Hmm, thank you for your trouble. You may go." said Kinjiro stroking his beard.
Shimada fixed a sad gaze on the back of the departing reporters. "Those guys don't look so excited."
"Things didn't go well today." Feeling dejected Kinjiro picked up two fifty sen coins from the tatami floor. "It wasn't easy to please those idiots." "I came this way thinking that the medication had@probably begun to lose its power. So, that's what happened." He sat in front of Kinjiro. "Shall I increase the dose from now on?"