When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 4 - page 5

"Stop that," Kinjiro cried, with as much dignity as he could gather, to the Grand Chamberlain who was about to grab the nurse. "Quiet. You insolent wretch."
The Grand Chamberlain prostrated himself before him. "Yes, Your Majesty."
"What the hell is going on here?" asked the doctor.
"This man...this man..." The nurse cried hysterically pointing at the Grand Chamberlain, trembling. Her eyes were wide open behind her glasses. "This man attacked me all of a sudden. I didn't do anything."
"You didn't do anything?" The Grand Chamberlain said again, flying into a temper. "You lunatic bitch."
"Calm down. I thought you never got aggressive with lunatics," said Kinjiro, putting his hand on the Grand Chamberlain's shoulder.
"No, on the contrary. I only beat up lunatics," cried the Grand Chamberlain.
V"Explain what's going on. What are you so mad about?" This time the doctor asked the Grand Chamberlain.
"She makes us eat rotten eggs all the time." said the Grand Chamberlain, who had somewhat quieted down. "We've been complaining for a long time. But she would always say, 'I won't allow you to make complaints. If you protest, I'll tell the doctor that you are dangerous and request that you be held in solitary confinement.' I've had diarrhoea for ages. My underwear is all yellow. It stinks. My ass is no good unless you want manure. Today again you served us rotten eggs. I didn't eat. Then she said she would't give me any more eggs beginning tomorrow."
"Hum. What you are saying makes sense." The doctor nodded.
"What are you talking about? Do you trust what this mad man is saying?" The nurse burst into tears. "I almost gotkilled."
"Nothing's wrong with my mind," cried the Grand Chamberlain. "I'll kill you."
"You see? He said he would kill me. That's why I say he is crazy." The nurse provoked him.
The Grand Chamberlain jumped at her and began to strangle her from behind.
"I told you. Patients get angry when you say things like that." The doctor turned his face away from her with a scorn.
"G... gan't breathe. E.. .elp. I'll... die..." Choking, the nurse rolled her eyes and started to kick noisily in the air.
"What's happening here?" The chief-of-staff, other doctors, and some patients rushed into the room.
VThis clamorous commotion lasted for over an hour.