When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 5 - page 2

"Then you'll be leaving the hospital soon?" asked a second reporter eyeing both the doctor and Kinjiro, dividing his gaze equally.
"Does Mr. Shogun have any intention of leaving the hospital?" a third reporter asked Kinjiro."Well..." he paused after a non-committal reply and then surmising it would be best to go along with the chief-of-staff, he resumed slowly. "If I were thrown out to the outside world, I would probably starve to death on the street. If I stay here I have a comfortable room of my own, a nurse, and what's more I can die in this splendid building."
The chief-of-staff nodded joyfully. "We, the hospital staff, would be sorry to lose him, who has been the face of our hospital for over fifty years. We intend to grant him permission to stay in this room as our special guest."
A fourth reporter who had been eyeing Kinjiro with a somewhat suspicious look asked him, "Do you have any religious belief, Mr. Shogun?"
"Religious belief?" He shook his head slightly. "Hum, religious belief..."
Kinjiro thought the reporter had doubts about his sanity which had now been made official.
"Hahahahahaha. To hell with religion! I'm above God." Kinjiro pointed at the setting sun outside the window. "That blazing Sun is my true identity."
The reporters bursted into a guaffaw.
"The fifty-year-old habit dies hard, it seems. An awesome remark," said the reporter to the chief-of-staff. He seemed to be convinced of Kinjiro's sanity.
"Although he doesn't show it, there is a cunning side to Mr. Shogun," said the chief-of-staff wiping off sweat from his face. "After all he has a better chance of remaining in this hospital if he shows symptoms of mental disorder from time to time."
"Come to think of it, his eyes remind me of those gleaming eyes of old Mr. Inukai Kido at public debates," said the fifth reporter.
Everyone agreed.
The reporters left the room.
Soon the chief-of-staff came back after seeing the reporters out. "I guess you were surprised by this sudden news. I didn't have time to let you know in advance because the idea of calling the press came to me suddenly." Forcing a smile, the chief-of-staff sat in front of Kinjiro.