When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 5 - page 3

Kinjiro kept silent.
"In the next few days you'll read long articles about your recovery in the five papers those reporters are affiliated with. What a relief! I feel like I've taken a huge burden off my back. It looks like we can finally get enough fundindgs to keep old, fully recovered patients in the hospital. We can't go on forever begging an old man like you to pretend to be mentally ill, you know. Hahaha ha."
The chief-of-staff laughed a hollow laugh, then stopped, noticing that Kinjiro was silent. He looked embarrassed.
"Doctor!" Shimada came running in, panicked. He was furious.
He fixed a stern gaze downward at the chief-of-staff, standing menacingly over him. "Is it true that you told the press that the Shogun has recovered completely?"
The chief-of-staff's face grew taut. "Why are you so animated, Mr. Shimada?"
"Where are the reporters?"
"They just left."
"When did you say the Shogun recovered completely?"
"Well, I said yesterday."
The doctor turned around to run out to the hallway.
"Where are you going?" asked the chief-of-staff in a loud voice.
Just before reaching the door the doctor looked back and cried, "I'll catch the reporters and tell them the truth. That he recovered ten years ago."
The chief-of-staff got up to his feet and thundered, "How dare you fool!"
"Fool? You are calling me a fool?" The doctor cried back in rage. "Outrageous! Haven't you ever thought about his feelings? The reporters stopped coming. So you came to the conclusion that you'd exhausted all the utility that was left in him. For you the only thing left to do was to draw the attention of the press by spreading the news of his recovery, collecting interview fees and using this last oppotunity to promote yourself. That's exploitation! The same trick they use in a brothel."
"Could you be more careful in your choice of words?" The chief-of-staff said in a conciliatoty tone as if to pacify the angry doctor. "You misunderstand me. I'll explain the situation later. I'll take your interests into account, too. So don't get so mad."