When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 5 - page 4

Still unable to calm his excitement, the doctor walked around the room snorting. "You make decisions on your own about interviews without informing me, who is the doctor in charge. Like today, you didn't let me know about the whole thing on purpose, because you didn't want me to get in your way. Isn't that right, Doctor?"
"Calm down for a minuite." With a wry smile on his face the chief-of-staff explained. "In a couple of days the city congress will start discussions on the next year's budget. Which means that this is an opportune time to score some public relations points by offering the press some news material. The chief-of-staff's job involves much more than simply being a good doctor. Please understand that."
"So, you are saying..." Kinjiro started to mumble to himself. "You are saying that my acting was lousy. You didn't like my acting, huh?"
Startled by his voice, the chief-of-staff and Shimada looked at each other.
Kinjiro began talking to the wall. "My acting was after all too poor to keep people interested. And that's why the number of reporters decreased gradually. I see." He sniveled. "I set my mind to do my best in enacting a madman. I devoted myself to it because that was my only purpose in life. But I was no good. Noboby thought I was funny. I was hurt again. I'm useless now. Yes. Faking madness is much harder than you may think." He looked utterly dejected.
"Not at all." The chief-of-staff comforted him. "Your acting was uncannily true to life. You could have beaten a real lunatic. In fact it was so good that you made me worried many times that your madness might have come back again.""Yes, your acting was amazingly true to life." The doctor got excited again. "You say people weren't interested,people didn't laugh. Not at all. You had such humor, such wonderful humor. Then why didn't anyone laugh?" He paced back and forth with his eyes gleaming. "Before people all over Japan laughed at your madness. Now they don't laugh any more. Why? It's because the society we have now is the kind of society where you can't laugh at lunatics any more. Yes. That's right." He hopped around the room as if overjoyed with his discovery and kept talking, spitting all over the place. "A person who can laugh at a lunatic is a sane one, and a society which can laugh at madness is also a sane one. But now we have a society that's gone mad. How can you possibly find anyone in such a society who can laugh at a madman? You can't. If the whole society has gone mad, how could you possibly laugh at a madman? It's a society that's gone mad. Yes! That's right. Hahaha. Hahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha."