When The Shogun Awoke - Chapter 5 - page 5

The doctor's laughter reverberated throughout the hospital.
"I see. That could be a possibility." Kinjiro got up slowly. "But is it truly the case? There is another possibility, though. Would you like to hear?" Drawing his face closer to the doctor's, he spoke as if to sqeeze his voice from the bottom of his chest. "There is another possibility, which is that I was really Shogun. Now I'm a madman but when I was normal I was truly Shogun! Shogun Ashihara really existed, he who commanded the army and navy, had real political power, and had control over the military budget. Yes! That's got to be the truth!" Kinjiro shouted,his eyes twinkling. "And he was me! You are now trying to trick me into thinking that nothing's wrong with my mind. But I was really Shogun. Insanity is eating up my mind now and that's why you put me in this mental hospital. But when I was sane I was Shogun! Hahahahahahahahahaha." He exploded with laughter. "Now I'm back to normal, back to my original identity, which is Shogun Ashihara. Again I dictate the affairs of the Empire, issue edicts, shoot cannons, and run around the battle fields! I'll bucher Russian soldiers and Chinks. I'll shower the entire world with bullets, cannon balls, and bombs. I'll make the whole world wallow in bloodbaths! Assault! Advance! Advance! Never retreat! Hahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha."
"He's gone mad!" Falling flat on his buttocks on the tatami mat, the doctor looked up at Kinjiro, dazed. "The cycle has come around. The depressive phase turned out to be much shorter than the manic one."
"Gone mad? Can it be true? Has he really gone mad again?" The chief-of-staff muttered to himself gazing at Kinjiro who kept laughing. His gaze betrayed a bit of envy.
"That's right. He had to go mad. He had no other choice but escape into his madness. I understand his feelings." Slowly turning his head toward the chief-of-staff, Shimada asked, "A war broke out several years after he had first symptoms of mental disorder. Am I correct?"
There was a moment of silence before the chief-of-staff finally said, "That's correct."
The doctor looked up at Kinjiro again. "Which means weare going to war pretty soon."
Bathed full-face by the westerly sun, Kinjiro, now Shogun again, kept laughing and laughing, his Shoki-like expression revealing the joy of returning to sanity, the hair on his face swaying with his laughter.