The Last of The Smoker - Chapter 2 - page 3

We laughed together. But it was hardly a laughing matter. One evening just two months later, Kusakabe drove to my house. His clothes were covered in burn marks. He parked his car in the garage, a refurbished storehouse which was part of the main building. "They got me," he said.
"and they're coming here next. We'd better get out of here quickly."

"Just a moment," I said, closing the garage door. "I'll load up all the cigarettes I have."

"Thanks. I brought a few myself."

As we were loading the cigarettes into the trunk of the car, there was a sudden commotion around the house, and the glass window on the veranda shattered.

"Here they come!" I switched to warrior mode. "Shall we take a f ew out as we go?"

"Yes, let's do that. I'm ready for them!"

From the dining room facing the garden we could see a man caught on the barbed wire over the fence at the back. He was crackling away, his body split open. I heated up the pot of oil I had prepared beforehand, handed my pistol to Kusakabe, and picked up my sword. There was a noise in the toilet. When I burst in, a man had smashed the window and was trying to climb in. He must have jumped across from the roof of the next house. I slashed off both his arms at the elbow.


Without a sound he disappeared onto the other side.

About a dozen people had cut through the barbed wire and burst into the garden. They began trying to wrench open all the windows and shutters, and so after consulting with Kusakabe, I carried the pot up to the first floor, and from the balcony I threw the boiling oil out over the whole garden. The howling of those who were burned was Kusakabe's sign to start shooting. They wailed and shrieked in terror....

Clearly they had not expected us to be so prepared for them. Carrying away their injured, for the moment they withdrew. But the doorway had been set alight, and smoke was starting to fill the house.

"Such warm consideration for a smoke-loving home," said Kusakabe, in a fit of coughing. "But I'd rather not burn to death. Let's get out of here."