The Wind - page 2

No, I guess it's not. People have come who have a grudge against me. Seems a s if a lot of people bear grudges against me. They've got it ass backwards, if you ask me. They only try to take it out on me because they can't take it out on themselves.
That's not what I meant when I said it wasn't exactly true that nobody came to see you. I had somebody else in mind.
Who're you talking about, eh? You talking about Jiro?
I'd be overjoyed if it were Jiro out there. I wonder if he still goes around in that beige coat.
You won't see the likes of him around here anymore. Oh, I don't know. He'd come back if he were hard up for cash.
You're wrong. That'd be the last reason for him to come back.
You're right. Jiro just can't stand to be beaten.
That's a strength with Jiro. A team of wild horses wouldn't get him back here no matter how destitute he was, not after he screamed and yelled at me like he did. Imagine if he did show his face like that....
What would you do if he did, Darling?
It would mean that he had become the lowest of the low. I'd send him packing. I would. No, I won't have any more tea, thanks.
I'll have some, though.You'll have to go to the toilet if you drink too much, and it'll be too damn cold to get out of bed, you know.
Doesn't bother me. I won't have to go outside. It's warm in here.
If you say so.
There goes that sound again! That...thudding.
It would sound sharper, sort of harder, if someone were really knocking.