The Wind - page 3

Maybe that's as sharp and hard as he can knock.
You mean, maybe he's sort of holding himself back when he knocks? Do you think it's Jiro and he's kind of holding himself in?
Jiro? Well, Jiro's not really the type who holds himself in, is he?
You're right. He's not that type.
Listen...can you hear what I mean, that low thudding noise?
I've got to fix up that gate so the wind won't make that sound.
You've been saying that for years, Darling.
And you've been saying that it isn't necessary.
Because it isn't, not just for the wind. A doorbell out there would solve the problem. Then we'd have to answer it in the middle of the night, wouldn't we?
Then put in an intercom. How about that?
Then we'd have to speak to the people out there. I thought you of all people knew how much I hate people.
But you never used to hate people.
That was a long time ago. People always used to lead me around by the nose. So naturally I got sick and tired of seeing myself as some kind of goody-two-shoes. It got to the point that I would rather be despised by people than be duped by them. Can't remember when I came to that conclusion, though....
Come to think of it, people used to get the better of you all the time. It ma de me sick to my stomach too, Darling. So I know how you feel.
Made me so sick to my stomach, you know.
You couldn't sleep because of it, remember?
Listen...there it goes again....
I told you. Didn't sound like the wind this time, though.
No, I think it's the wind after all. I'm sure that nobody would come in the middle of the night.
You sure? Can't you think of anybody?