The Wind - page 4

Nope. Nobody.
Not even somebody completely out of the blue, somebody you just wouldn't suspect would come? Who do you mean now, eh? You're not referring to Ichiro, are you, eh?
Ah, takes me back more than 30 years.
Yeah, 30 years. Wasn't easy in those days.
30 years! Well, almost. And every time in all those years the gate rattled, we thought it was Ichiro...
...and you'd go out to the gate every time it did rattle...until just a little while ago... You're wrong, Darling. It's a good 10 years since I've gone out.
We wouldn't be seeing the likes of Ichiro around here anymore. Think about it , Honey. He'd be a grown man of 38, if he were still alive today.
Gee, you're right. Golly. You'd expect he'd come back sooner if he were going to come back, wouldn't you.
I wonder if it was a kidnapping....
Search me. We did get that weird call once, but it was probably some crank harassing us because it came after he was reported missing.
I think you're right. I mean, all they said was, gWe've got Ichiro.h
Not a word about a ransom.
I hated the years just after that.
Me too. It tore me to pieces just to dream of Ichiro.
You used to wake up and bawl your eyes out.
And you used to rush out to the front gate thinking it was him and come back sob bing, gIt wasn't Ichiro!h
Yeah, that's what I say.
That's right. You don't have to tell me that. I've got you, don't I, Darling .
The world is full of solitary people, even people who have a big family... husbands, wives, parents, children...they're all separate and alone.
Not us, we're together.
That's right. I couldn't agree more.
Wait...someone distinctly knocked just now.
It's probably the wind.
You think so? It was two big distinct thuds, though.
It's the wind!
You're right. I think so too. Still, maybe I'd better check....
Stay where you are! It's the wind, the wind, I say!
Yeah, I guess you're right....
Does it really bother you that much, Honey?
Then go and take a look. You haven't had a look outside in God knows how long . I haven't, have I? Gee...
Yeah, that's what I say too.