The Wind - page 5

Who was it, Honey?
Nobody. Just the wind.
But I heard a man's voice out there.
So, it was a man calling himself gThe Windh.
The Wind....
It didn't take long for me to see through him. Yeah. He was The Wind, all right. I mean, his hair was all wavy yet the wind wasn't blowing...his white, silk muffler was flowing in billows...he had a smile on his lips, too. He looked really shy when he noticed me looking at him and he said that he had come for no reason in particular. That's true. There'd be nothing that the wind would want from the likes of us. He just showed up, that's all. But he really seemed to be nice, know what I mean? I wish that he had come before now....
No, he chose the right night to visit us, I'd say.
I don't see why you say that.
That's the way I see it. We might have had a violent reaction if he'd have co me before.
Yeah, I think you're right. He's nice, isn't he. He's given us a lot of thought. He knows who he's dealing with.
Honey? Did the man look like Ichiro?
I think he did, Darling. And like Jiro.
Did he have on a beige coat?
He did. Yes, he did. A beige coat....
That settles it then. It was the wind after all.